Curtiss-Wright Acquires Component Coating & Repair Services Ltd


Curtiss-Wright Corporation announced in a press release on the 13th January 2014 that they have acquired Component Coating and Repair Services Limited (“CCRS”).  David C. Adams, President and CEO of Curtiss-Wright Corporation said “The acquisition of CCRS adds new high-technology services to our Surface Technologies business that complement those of our existing engineered coatings offerings.”

CCRS, a UK based company, was founded in 1995 and employs in the region of 100 people and currently operate two divisions one based in Glasgow, Scotland and the other in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

CCRS provide specialist services for aerospace and industrial turbine applications and are leading providers of ultra smooth and corrosion resistant coatings and precision airfoil repair services and anticipate generating sales in 2014 of approximately £7m (US$11m).

Please contact us for more details regarding this acquisition or to find out more about our services and areas of expertise

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